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There are two beaches located in the old town. The first one is Banj, located in the vicinity of the Cathedral. Another one, beach Jadrija, is located at the entrance to St. Anthony's channel.

The other beaches are located outside the city. The most featured are Rezalište and Solaris.

Banj is the top beach of the old town. It is located less than 1 kilometre away from the centre.

The beach has all the necessary tourist facilities: volleyball playground, free showers, deck chairs, and exercise equipment.

An interesting event that is held every year on Banj is New Year's Day swimming. Many people arrive at the beach to watch the most courageous guys from Šibenik entering pretty much cold water.

Jadrija is a city beach of a long tradition. A few decades ago Jadrija meant much more for people in Šibenik than it means today. It was a gathering place for young people, a place of growing up of many generations, the place of first loves, fun, and sports. If you talk with the older native citizens, they will for sure tell you about their memories from Jadrija.

Jadrija is today an ideal place for windsurfing because it is often windy during the summer season. There are many apartments located just a few meters above the coast. Check accommodation options in Jadrija.

If you want a more lively beach near Šibenik, then Rezalište may be good for you. It is well-known beach in Brodarica, a small place located 6 kilometres away from the city centre.

Rezalište is nice and big pebble beach with crystal clear sea. There are many tourist facilities on the beach: renting chairs, fast foods, coffee bars, ice cream shops etc. Visitors especially like summer atmosphere in beach bar Fjaka.

Solaris is known for its aqua park, the biggest one in Dalmatia. If you have small children, they may especially love this place.

Entrance to Solaris is free, but prices of all tourist facilities are a little bit more expensive than on the other beaches in Šibenik.

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